About Us

About Us

Resolve Behavioral Health, LLC was established the summer of 2016 by Dr. Brian and Jamie Moe with a couple of lofty goals in mind. First of all, the couple was looking to restore work/life balance and allow more time to spend with their two young children. Both had spent years working grueling hours for other companies and were determined to work "smarter, not harder" in their own business.

The second, and equally important, goal of Resolve is to combat the stigma associated with seeking mental health services. No one ever has an issue with someone going to a physician for a broken bone. Unfortunately, there is all to often still judgement when an individual goes to a therapist when feeling overwhelmed. Simply put, life is difficult and seeking help dealing with it shows strength and incentive. There is no weakness in doing whatever it takes to make sure you are living healthy in all areas. Trauma, depression, anxiety, relationship issues, substance abuse and countless other things can hinder day-to-day functioning. If there is a way to fix those things, wouldn't it make sense to just do it? We encourage everyone to 

Forget the Stigma and Fix Yourself

(we can help)